About Gangotree Eco Technologies.!

Gangotree Eco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (GETPL) is part of Gangotree Group companies, working into resource development sector. With more than 20 years background in water management and construction, now, GETPL’s focus is concentrated on energy resource development. The company has also ventured into Energy consultancy; Energy auditing and providing bio-methanation based turnkey solutions.

GETPL provides decentralized, sustainable & replicable energy solutions with Bio-Energy as a base. It holds sizeable number of patents in biogas technology as well. It has developed Napier Grass as an energy crop, which has the potential to revolutionize the energy scenario of tropical countries including India. GETPL has a qualified team of engineers, energy auditors and researchers that work into energy generation as well as energy conservation sector.

GETPL has done extensive R&D on bio-methanation and has successfully completed several projects on biogas technology. GETPL has been providing comprehensive solutions in water conservation, water infrastructure and water audits.

For the last couple of years the research has been focused in the field of biomass based solutions for total energy needs of the country.

R&D in Bio-methanation based Renewable Energy Technologies

GETPL has been working in R&D on bio-methanation in joint collaboration with Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Ltd (KITL), Pune.

GETPL has done exhaustive research in bio-methanation which has helped to arrive at an end to end solution in the biogas sector, right from Organic Waste Management, Energy farming, Biogas generation to Electricity generation, Automobile fuel & Thermal fuel.

GETPL has commissioned and operating a biogas research facility at the Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd campus with a biogas generation capacity of 260 m3/day. The generated gas is being used for running the DG sets and CNG bottling.